When choosing an urn to preserve the ashes of a loved one, metal urns demand serious consideration. Metal urns are resilient enough to retain their integrity when buried, and yet provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room in the home or in a memorial garden. In short, metal urns are multipurpose, being suitable for a variety of dual uses around the home and garden.

There are many different kinds of urns on the market. If there is a particular style of urn you are looking for that is not among our selections, please let us know. We would be pleased to research the market to help you find the tribute you are looking for.

The prices do not include sales tax.  

Black Engraved Brass Urn - $199.00

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Black Engraved Brass
Camouflage Urn - $249.00

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Made of aluminum with a realistic camouflage pattern for the person who loved the outdoors.
Emerald Green Brass Urn - $199.00

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Emerald Green Brass Urn
Floral Green - $199.00

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Floral Green Urn
Gardenia Black - $199.00

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Gardenia Black
Going Home Blue Urn - $199.00

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Going Home Blue Brass Urn
Going Home Pink Urn - $199.00

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Going Home Pink Brass Urn
Golden Leaf - $199.00

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Golden Leaf Brass Urn
Golden Scarlet - $199.00

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Golden Scarlet Brass Urn
Platinum Engraved Grecian Urn - $199.00

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Platinum Engraved Grecian Brass Urn