Although they are not active licensed funeral directors, these staff members are vitally important to the history and operation of our firm.  These individuals have made it possible or continue to make it possible for us to professionally coordinate funerals with the quality of service our community has come to expect from us.

A. W. Middleton, Former Manager

Nicky was a Retired Louisiana State Trooper and in 2000 became the Manager of Magnolia Funeral Home until his death on August 7, 2007. He was a Embalmer and Funeral Director and a great teacher. He was Deanna's supervisor for her internship until his unexpected death in 2007. He will be greatly missed.

Jamie Lusk, Former Manager / Retired

Jamie Lusk was a retired Embalmer but joined us in September 2007 as Manager of Magnolia Funeral Home after the death of Nicky Middleton, our former manager. He came aboard to help us with obtaining our license as funeral directors and embalmers. We are so thankful he joined our team. He retired for the second time in November 2008.